Asking for help – being kind to ourselves.



Why is it important to ask for help?

No man (or woman) is an island! Way back, our society was based on tribes, where the load was shared. Now, our society is very different, and we are becoming more and more isolated in our daily lives. We are fundamentally programed to work as a tribe or a team, but modern life doesn’t always allow that, especially during lockdown. So, when times get tough, it is important to remember to go back to your tribe, your family, or your team and get the support you need, even if that is in a different form than usual. 

What are the barriers in asking for help?

Why do we struggle to ask for help? Are you the alpha member of your group? Do you feel the need to “be strong” for those around you? Or maybe you don’t want to show people that you aren’t coping so well right now. There are many factors that can be barriers to asking for help. Maybe it’s the way you were raised, or the attitudes of those around you. The key to breaking down these barriers is – to TALK!  We all need help and support in life, remember you are only human.

How do I ask for help? 

  • Identify what the issue is – you could write it down as a way of thinking about it.
  • Think about what outcome you would like – what do you need?
  • Work out who to ask for the help and support you need – is it a doctor, a work colleague, a family member?
  • Take the plunge and reach out for the help you need.

Here are some useful links that you might also like to consider:

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