LIGHTHOUSE43 Counselling

Life can present many challenges. Having a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings can provide the opportunity for processing what ever is going on for you. Whether it is current issues that you are facing, or things from your past that you want to look at, our brand new counselling rooms are modern, warm and welcoming spaces. You will work together with a qualified counsellor, who will support you in making the changes you want to make in your life, in an empathic and non-judgemental way.

At Lighthouse43 we offer counselling for children, young people, adults, families and groups. We have a team of experienced counsellors that work across all areas of counselling. We offer daytime and evening counselling sessions all year round.

‘Look for the Lighthouse’


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people come to counselling?
There are many reasons why people come to counselling, such as; Anxiety, Addiction, Bereavement, Depression, Eating Disorders, Relationship problems, Separation, Stress, Trauma and anything that is having a negative impact on their life. 

Who can come for counselling?
We offer counselling for children, young people, adults, families and groups.

How often would I go to counselling and how long does a session last?
Counselling sessions are weekly, and each session lasts up to 50 minutes.

How long do you have counselling for?
This really depends on you. Once you have a weekly session booked with your counsellor, that is yours for as long as you want to continue, this will be regularly reviewed with your counsellor.

How do I book a counselling session?
You can email us at

How much does counselling cost at Lighthouse43?
Counselling is from £40 per session upwards.

Can I still have counselling during lockdown?
Yes. We are working with existing clients using video and telephone calls and also accepting new clients, after this clients can go back to face to face sessions if required at our Cheriton practice. Click here for more information.