Our search for the lighthouse.

Several years back Wayne and I spoke about having our own counselling premises. We agreed it had to be just right, somewhere confidential and welcoming for our clients. The search was on! We looked at lots of options, but 43 Cheriton High Street stood out. If you are local, you may remember it as the old Music Bay. I remember going in there as a child to buy a recorder. 

When we looked around the newly renovated shop, we could see how we could turn that big empty bright white space into three cosy counselling rooms. I remember the excitement of completion day. Once we had the keys, we went in with masking tape to mark out our ideas of what the space might look like. 

We worked closely with a great local builder who was very patient with all our requirements and it soon started taking shape. Both Wayne and I would pop in at regular intervals to see what was new and take photos of the progress. Who knew two people could get excited over sound proofing plaster board?

All the way along we were consulted about each element of the build. Seeing timber walls, then electrics going in, sound proofing, new privacy windows, all the way along to the final paint work. It was an exciting journey to be on. 

A very good friend of mine, who I have known since the days I was playing that recorder, is a sign writer. Having her create our signs outside and also our wonderful lighthouse in the waiting area was very special indeed. These were the finishing touches to the building and done with such attention and care.   

We had finally found our lighthouse. Lighthouse43. It was a long time coming but it was everything we wanted it to be. Moving in was a day that I will always remember. Saying goodbye to my old rented room where I had worked for three years and moving into my own space felt amazing. 

We both now look forward to, many years of working at Lighthouse43, where we hope to welcome our clients into a space that was created just for them. 

‘Look for the Lighthouse’